Beach Body 30 Day Workout Challenge Success!

I just finished the Beach Body 30 day workout challenge and wow. Finishing is a huge success! Do not enter this challenge without completely dedicating yourself. It is intense and works your whole body, but you’ll celebrate when you finish!


I was first drawn to the Beach Body 30 day workout challenge because of the variety of exercises. Every single day is something different. I’d just completed a 15 day burpee challenge, doing 30 burpees every day, so I was looking for something with variety. I got way more than I ever intended. You never repeat a day during this beach body workout challenge and each new day is harder than the last!

Adding to the difficulty is the lack of rest days throughout this workout challenge. There are none. By the end of this 30 day beach body workout challenge I definitely needed a rest day. During the challenge, every time I hit a hard day, like day 18 with four sets of 30 second commander plank and one minute mountain climbers, the next day felt easy. Even though day 19 required five sets of 20 burpees and 20 triceps dips, it felt easier. I felt so strong doing those burpees and triceps dips. If I’d have done them earlier in the challenge, I would have been super fatigued! Timing is everything and this challenge is expertly paced from day to day.

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Each day is literally its own workout. Remind yourself of this throughout the challenge and set aside at least ten minutes a day. I know I had to. Many 30 day challenges are really just add-ons to my daily exercise, but this Beach Body workout challenge stands alone! Day 13 involved five sets of one minute skater lunges and one minute front kicks. By the end I had worked up a great sweat! There are many days just like that, with ten minutes of exercise, not including rest time.


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Be prepared to be sore on a daily basis. My personal soreness is legit with this beach body challenge, and its a full body workout. Some days you focus on your abs, with jack knifes and v ups for example, and the next day you will be feeling them as you do scissor kicks and wall sits! I loved that soreness though, because it made me feel so much stronger!

For ten days of this challenge I was on vacation, and that truly made this challenge even better. It kept me working out on my vacation, and I held myself even more accountable than if I was doing the challenge at home! I’m so glad I finally took it on.

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I originally pinned the Beach Body workout challenge when I was pregnant, saving it for later. Most of these exercises I couldn’t do while I was pregnant. I craved a challenge like this for so many months and I wanted the success of finishing. It was definitely earned! I waited months to do this challenge, because I knew it’d be intense, and I’m so glad I did it!

The Beach Body 30 day workout challenge is not for the faint of heart. It’s by no means a newbie challenge, but that’s what makes it awesome. It’s perfect if you want to get out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re like me and you do challenges along with other workouts. Personally, I switched up when I did this challenge from day to day, some days doing it after my run and other times doing it later in the day. It kept me flexible and some days I did it with Dan, which I loved. It’s always a nice change of pace to do it with someone else.


I loved the success of completing this challenge! The 30 day beach body workout challenge is a great accomplishment. I’m so glad that I now have it, after successfully finishing all 30 days. This is a must do workout challenge!



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