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Game of Thrones is back Sunday! We can’t contain our excitement. Our mind is racing with predictions! We have 5 bombshell Game of Thrones predictions!


We have five bombshell Game of Thrones predictions right here. Some of these are hard to accept as a real possibility. Some I don’t want to happen, but they add a twist that could be extremely possible.

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While you need to watch my video to see all my Game of Thrones predictions and share your own theories with me, I will tease you with one of my bombshells. Arya Stark will die. I love Arya so much. She is one of my favorite characters, but I believe that she will die.

This will definitely be a bombshell and it will be extremely sad! The actress who plays Arya went on The Tonight Show and played an April Fool’s prank saying Arya dies. This made me believe that she’ll definitely die! It throws you off the scent.

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I’ll reveal one more bombshell. Cersei Lannister remains on the Iron Throne. This is one that would be such a bad way to end the series. Cersei doesn’t die, doesn’t get what’s coming to her, and she continues to live on! That would be a major bombshell and I know I would be up in arms! I hope this one is not true.


I have three other bombshell Game of Thrones predictions in my video. Check it out and let me know what you all think! I can’t wait for Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!


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