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Dive into Hollywood’s new Rabbit Hole at WonderWorld

We had the pleasure of being invited to the WonderWorld grand opening media event last week, and it did not disappoint. This amazing pop-up is a must experience with so many gram worthy moments.


WonderWorld is the newest pop-up experience right on Hollywood Blvd. It first opened in NYC, and now until August you can experience a myriad of balloons, mushrooms, tea cups and so much more in Los Angeles.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this pop-up is a fun and trippy experience. There are so many gram worthy moments from the moment you enter. A myriad of balloons greet you, followed by wild terrains overhead. Then go sit on top of giant mushrooms and more.

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The highlight for me was of course experiencing the pool of balloons that leads to the giant glowing moon you can sit on. Make sure you have your camera ready and be patient because this will be the busy section of the pop-up. It is a must though!

My other favorite room was the lights room. The walls are adorned in grass and the letter W hangs on the back wall. You can then walk through and snap creative photos/videos through the lights. Need a prop? There are flowers to use in your pictures.

WonderWorld was created by Jay Hua, Eastern Horizon Adventures, and is open now through August here in Los Angeles. Don’t miss it! Children under 3 are free! If you’re a fan of Instagram worthy experiences, then this is the place for you! Get your tickets here!


Check out the full video with my whole experience of the amazing opening party! Dan and I hit the town. Make sure you share with me your photos once you go!


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WonderWorld Photo Credit to Yours Truly

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