Make Your Home Safe for Asthmatic Kids in 4 Steps

Creating a safe and happy home is the goal of all parents, but sometimes certain challenges feel overwhelming. We have 4 easy steps to help make your home safe for asthmatic kids.

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Asthma is not a pleasant condition even for adults, but it is especially hard for children. While the causes of asthma are still unknown to doctors, it doesn’t mean that a kid with such a respiratory condition cannot have a happy childhood and lead a normal life. Learn to make your home safe for asthmatic kids in four easy steps!

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Parents can keep asthma under control by introducing some simple lifestyle changes. If children grow up in a safe environment, they can even outgrow asthmatic conditions and be completely healthy adults. Keep in mind that allergies and asthma triggers can change. If you’re pregnant, then its a good idea to learn what causes allergies while your baby is developing. As a parent, we must stay vigilant in our homes. Here is a review of some tips that will help you make your home safe if your child is prone to asthma.


1. Avoid Asthma Triggers

Triggers are the things that cause asthma attacks and that you should avoid having in your home. Triggers are things like mold, dust mites, pollen, and smoke. Most people don’t even pay attention to such triggers, but if a kid is prone to asthma they can cause coughing, sneezing, and even trouble breathing. Triggers are not the causes of asthma, but they make its symptoms worse. It is important for parents to learn to control triggers in the house, especially in the room where a child spends most of his time.

2. Minimize Stuffed Toys

Ideally, a child with an asthma condition shouldn’t have stuffed animals at all because they collect a lot of dust. At least try to keep minimal stuffed animals at home if you have asthmatic kids. No more than one or two in the house. To kill all the dust mites, you need to freeze stuffed animals at least once a week. Place them in a plastic bag and put them in a freezer. The dust mites will be killed, and you can wash the animal afterward to remove the dead mites.

3. Use Natural and Safe Cleaning Solutions

It is imperative to keep your home clean to make it safe for a child with asthma. However, some cleaning solutions help get rid of germs but cause allergies and asthma flare-ups because they contain toxic chemical ingredients. Odor removers are especially dangerous. You should go for fragrance-free, eco-friendly options. Thankfully, there are a few products that you will find in every household that are both natural and effective when you need to get rid of smells. Such items are baking soda, essential oils, and vinegar. If you go for HVAC system installation at home, make sure it is safe for a child.

4. Keep Your Pets Outside

It is wonderful when your children grow up alongside pets. This teaches them a lot about love and responsibility. Unfortunately, pets, especially cats and dogs, can make the symptoms of asthma worse. If you have a pet that has lots of hair, try keeping it outside the child’s room as much as possible. Clean up all the hair and ventilate the kids’ room well. If you don’t have a pet but are considering getting one, go for a turtle or a bird.


It is important to follow these guidelines to make your home safe for asthmatic kids. Taking these precautionary steps will ensure a child’s happy childhood and will possibly help him overgrow asthma in the future.


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