Marijuana Mysteries: Case of Missing Lighter | A 420 Adventure Story

The worst has happened! Your lighter is gone and its nearly 4:20 on 4/20. Think like a stoner. Become the stoner. Marijuana Mysteries solved with cannabis.


Its 20 minutest to 4:20 on 4/20 and this sorry individual misplaced his lighter! Marijuana mysteries intensify as the clock ticks every closer to the sacred time of day. Its a 420 adventure story, but will there be a happy ending? Solving things stoned is hard…

The case of the missing lighter requires expert sleuthing and to think like a stoner, one must become the stoner. Cannabis required to solve these Marijuana Mysteries. Happy 420 every day! Its always 420 somewhere.

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Stoner problems are the worst kind, because solving these Marijuana mysteries feels impossible. How can one think if their brain won’t think? We are getting REALLY BAKED. Sponsored by The Healthy LA.


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1 Comment

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