New York Giants Draft Plan Still a Mystery

The 2019 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 25. Just a week out from the big event, we still have no idea what the New York Giants are up to.


We are just one week away from the 2019 NFL Draft. The New York Giants hold the sixth overall pick and a potential swing spot in the early going. This close to the day, we still have no idea in which direction the Giants will turn. Come on man!

For quite a while this spring, it seemed like a given that New York would draft its quarterback of the future with this sixth pick. Eli Manning is set to play one more season in Big Blue. After that, the QB position is a complete unknown. The New York Giants were expected to address that, and the man who was supposed to be the pick was Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins.

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Weeks later, Haskins no longer seems like a target for New York. In fact, few scouts even have him with a first-round grade. If the Giants do pass on Haskins, who knows how far he could fall.

But instead of focusing on a different franchise quarterback, New York might look in a completely different direction altogether. The front office seems focused on upgrading the defense, specifically the pass rush. Who could blame them after jettisoning numerous defensive linemen this past season and this offseason? The defensive front is certainly an area of need and a strong point of this draft class.

What of quarterback then? Is it all a smokescreen to have Haskins fall to six? Is it so a different QB possibly sneaks through? With multiple picks in the first round, maybe something else entirely is afoot.



The New York Giants have also been linked to both of Arizona’s potential options behind center. If the Cardinals decide not to draft Kyler Murray first overall, the Giants have been floated as a candidate to trade up for him. If they do take Murray, no team has been linked to current Arizona passer Josh Rosen more than New York.

Both ideas are completely possible, even plausible. The most ideal, in my mind, is that final idea. The Giants trade for Rosen to be their franchise guy starting in 2020 and draft the best piece available at six, whether it is a defender or offensive tackle. If Rosen costs less than the 17th pick in the first round, as rumors seem to indicate he would, New York can use that pick to bolster yet another area of need before day one wraps.


Rosen’s cost remains fluid, though. This is mostly because the value of his services cannot be known until Arizona decides on Murray. That leaves the Giants in flux, which leaves the rest of the first round up in the air. One week remains, and I have no idea what to expect.


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