100 Abs Challenge Hardest 30 Days Of My Life!

I’ve done my share of 30 day fitness challenges, so I can confidently say that the 100 abs challenge was the hardest 30 days of my life. I would do it all over again too!


Prior to starting the 100 abs challenge, I discussed with Dan what type of fitness challenge we wanted. We were in agreement that we wanted something intense, but damn. When I found the 100 abs challenge I knew it would be hard, yet it exceeded my expectations.

The first aspect of this challenge that required mental preparation on my part is the fact that it has no rest days. I love 30 day challenges with no rest days, but I always need to mentally prepare myself. These types of challenges are akin to a marathon, so it’s a must that Dan and I are in agreement on doing a no rest day challenge.

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Don’t skimp on your mental prep for this type of fitness challenge, especially since this one is all abs. It’s not the physical part that gets to me, it’s definitely the mental part. In the beginning I’m psyched for the daily commitment, but then there are periods throughout the challenge where the daily activity gets to me. By the end I’m back to embracing the daily workout, even if its hard.

This particular challenge is extremely simple. It’s called the 100 Abs Challenge for a reason. You do 100 reps of one core exercise each day. All thirty days offer a different exercise. I will tell you that at first I definitely felt like this challenge was no biggie. I’ve done a ton of no rest day challenges before, which is why I underestimated this one. Abs challenges are always the most intense. They build and build on you, which I always forget about early on.

The part that made this abs challenge the hardest 30 days of my life is that each day was different. It’s not just crunches or a variation of crunches. The challenge includes so many ab exercises that I wasn’t familiar with and I love that. That aspect gives this challenge a great variety, not knowing what each day will be like.

There are some ab exercises that I can easily do a lot of and therefore many days of this challenger were not that intense. 100 reps is no joke though, and the variety of these ab exercises is what really makes this challenge so difficult.

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Within the thirty days, there were exercises that surprised me with their difficulty. Take eagle crunches, for example. The crunch in the name made me think these would be no biggie, but I was wrong. I felt them in my arms and legs, and I needed to completely engage my core. That exercise was one of my favorites.

Another exercise that stood out was double leg lift. I’ve done leg lifts time and time again, but this one got intense. If we only had to do 50 of them, then I would have felt like I could do it every day, but 100 reps stepped it up. That’s really how I felt about a large majority of these exercises. Doing 100 reps of them got intense because of the repetition.

I was so excited when this abs challenge was done, but I did love it. My whole body got a workout with these exercises. That’s the great part about ab exercises that aren’t just crunches. They always add something else to them. That can be legs, arms, back, shoulders, or all of the above!


My body got worked to its core by this fitness challenge. I felt stronger than ever and had a great sense of accomplishment after 30 days! It’s such a great 30 day challenge because it’s hard and intense. I highly recommend it. It’s not for the faint of heart.




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