How to Get Your Running Mojo Back

Getting your running mojo back is easier than you think. Everyone who runs faces moments during their journey where they’ve lost their mojo. It can be daunting, but with a little focus you can easily get it back.


My Running Diary: February 20, 2019

Losing your running mojo happens to all of us. Its a sign that you need to switch it up and it’s not anything to get upset about. If anything, it’s a great moment to reevaluate and give yourself something tangible to work toward. Let’s start there, because nothing lights a fire within us like a goal to achieve.

Set a tangible goal

Personally, I did this when I decided to switch from running on the treadmill daily to running outside. I loved running on the treadmill, but I always wanted to run outside. I made excuses for myself why I couldn’t or didn’t make the switch. When I moved to a new part of Los Angeles, I decided this was my moment. It became a tangible goal for me and I found it easy to change my routine.

Set mini goals

This is essential to getting your running mojo back. I accomplished this by setting weekly goals. My major goal was to run outside six days a week, so I started by running two days a week and then upped it. Once I felt comfortable in one of these mini goals, I created a new mini goal to replace it.

Give yourself time

It can take time to get your running mojo back. That is fine and if you let yourself have the time, it will be so much easier. I will be honest, I can’t tell you a precise day when I reached my goal. It happened gradually and I woke up one day and I realized that I reached my goal. I had a strength and excitement for running.

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Check in on yourself

I love running, but I always check in on myself. Its a solo experience, even if you run with other people. In the end it’s on you. No one can make you do run and it can be hard to get help from other people. I always make sure that I’m feeling good. Sometimes that leads me to running more or running less. I always make sure I’m the guide of my running journey.

Everyone’s running journey is different, but at some point you lose your running mojo. The best way to attack that moment is with a sound mind. Let the above tips guide you. I’m always big on thinking about my running. It’s given me control of my journey and made it extremely enjoyable.


I love running so much, but no matter where you are in your running journey, you can lose your mojo. Accept it and then turn it around! Getting your running mojo back is easier than you think. Make sure you’re aware of what the issue is and then find what or how you need to shake up your running. Most of the time you’re just bored and getting excited again is easy!


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Some days you just need to run. Embrace it as your running motivation. I know I’m using it as mine.

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