Year End Fitness Goals to Forget 2020 Ever Happened

year end fitness goals

The year is nearly over and now is the time to let 2020 go. If you want to forget it ever happened, then getting ready to kick 2021 in the butt with your fitness goals is the solution. Set your year end fitness goals with me!


What a year 2020 has been! Am I right? Personally, one of the brightest spots of this crazy year has been my fitness regimen. Hopefully you’ve found your own exercise groove, but setting year end fitness goals is great regardless. Fitness is a major part of my life and no matter what happens, like the shenanigans of 2020, now is when we must set goals. Join me in choosing the perfect year end fitness goals to forget 2020 ever happened!

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This year’s goals have a distinct theme and I recommend using the same one as me. Embrace a clean slate. My goals are all about leading me into 2021 with fresh eyes, a clear focus, and zero bad memories. We are not harping on anything that happened in 2020, but instead letting it go completely. This brings me to my first goal, which I’m starting right now.


Year End Fitness Goals


1. Let Go Of 2020

This past year certainly wasn’t all bad. I had my baby boy who is amazing, plus I made excellent progress with my career and fitness goals. That being said, it’s still time to let go of all of the weight of 2020 for good. Any of the fitness goals that you didn’t meet are now gone. Bad things that happened are history, while good things are now happy memories. Ask yourself why you didn’t meet those goals, learn something about yourself, then let it go.

2. Make Your First 2021 Goal Now

Even though there’s time left in 2020, use it to accomplish your first fitness goal of the upcoming new year. It doesn’t matter if it is small, large, or something you’ve accomplished in the past. I’ll be spending time with family during the holidays, so my goal is to run and workout no matter what. I always set this goal when I travel, but this year I’m gone for longer than before. My goal is to workout at least half of the days during my trip. I want to workout every day, but I know I won’t quite get there, so I’ve set a goal I am sure to accomplish!



3. Set Your Fitness Intention For 2021

If this year has taught me anything, its that we all need to adapt, change, and let go of our expectations. Even though 2020 is ending, it doesn’t mean that 2021 will be much different, at least to begin with. This may feel like a bummer, so let’s approach it differently! My fitness intention for 2021 is domination. What does that mean? This past year I worked myself back to my pre-pregnancy body, but I accomplished so much more than that. In 2021 I will once again take my fitness to the next level. Working out with two kids is a feat of its own, and now I build on that for more!

4. Have Way Too Much Fun

This is always a goal for me, because I completely control how I achieve it! Have fun at everything you do. It’s not worth doing something if you’re not having fun, or don’t enjoy the outcome and results. This is such an important goal for me. No matter how challenging the task or exercise, I always have fun working out and I love to try new workouts. The results make me happy, so the effort is worthwhile. I love running farther and faster. That is another goal of mine that I’ll be carrying into 2021, with a smile of course.



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