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Is William in the real world or the Forge? We have no idea, because Westworld opened Pandora’s box! Every human in his world lives in the Valley of the Forge. Your Westworld season 2 reaction.


Westworld season 2 revealed the Forge which contains a digital copy of every human who ever visited Westworld. It’s basically a replica Earth with fewer people, but everyone in William’s world! Assuming its like the Cradle, do we know whether we’ve been watching real history or something within the Forge?

Humans remember things to suit their needs, meaning the ‘memories’ in the Forge are not necessarily reality. Westworld Season 3 will be William’s story, we just don’t know where it will take place. His daughter did not seem like a host, but I can’t believe he killed her either. Enter the Valley of the Forge!

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We love Westworld! Season one took us on a wild ride. Westworld Season 2 is already even crazier, with the future just as prevalent as the past. What are your Westworld predictions? Ford is back and our wish is coming true.

We’ll be doing videos each week as this show unfolds on HBO, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better! Would you enter Westworld? We can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Westworld Season 2 is completely out of the box! We have no idea who is what and where the show will end up, but we’ll discuss it all anyways. BuzzChomp TV.

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