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There are a myriad of running mistakes, but you can easily avoid these five and doing so will set you on the right path. Most of the time just being a little more cognizant will help you avoid all of these and many more!


My Running Diary: June 18th, 2018

Avoiding these five running mistakes will make your runs so much easier. It’s a common misnomer that if a run is “easy” then you’re not getting a workout in. That’s just wrong! You can flawlessly run five miles with ease and still get an amazing workout. A lot of times its poor form, a lack of proper training, and a misguided approach that prevents you from getting a great workout. So avoid these running mistakes and always have a great run. Its easy!

1) Too Far, Too Soon
I know so many people who do this and it’s completely a misguided approach. If you’ve never run or haven’t in a long time, do not start out focusing on miles. Do not start out running more than three miles It doesn’t matter what you could do in the past, all that matters is your body right now. I know so many people who are like “I can go out and do 5 or 6 miles” within the first few days of getting back into running. You will get burnt out and set your training back. You may even injure yourself.

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2) Unrealistic Goals
Doing this always stems from comparing yourself to others, as well to your past self. Just because you used to frequently run six miles doesn’t mean that it’s feasible for you to do so right now. That goes the same with pace and frequency of running. Life has a way of letting you know when you need to alter your perspective and that’s perfectly respectable for your running journey.

3) Running Too Fast
This is right up there with too far, too soon. Just because you can run fast doesn’t mean that your body can actually sustain it. I find that a lot of people who start out running fast can’t maintain it. Personally, I always like to up my pace as I go along because it lets me see where my body is at during a run. Not every run is the same and my body isn’t the same every day. Some days I need to run a bit slower and that is fine.


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4) Avoiding or Walking Hills
I’ve definitely been guilty of this. Hills are confronting, but they definitely upped my running game. They gave me the confidence to take my running to the next level and I never second guess a decision to run in a new area or push myself farther and longer. If you want to sustain a successful running habit, you need to stop shying away from hills. This means that even if you don’t live in an area with them, you need to seek them out. Perhaps where you vacation has hills. Make sure you bring your running sneakers!

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5) Not Drinking Water
I sweat a lot when I run and it doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter. But even if you don’t sweat, we all lose a ton of water while running. You need to make sure that you drink a lot of water. Water is essential for muscle maintenance, not to mention that it stinks to run when you’re thirsty! I always drink a glass of water or two right when I get back from a run. This helps me recoup and feel great!

Those were five running mistakes to easily avoid, because it only takes you taking a moment to assess how you run in order to avoid them. It’s evident if you do any of these things and just a small effort will rectify these five running mistakes!


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