Ultimate Upper Body Challenge takes you to Next Level

No matter how deep you are in your fitness journey, we must frequently switch up our routines or the body stops responding. That is why I do a new 30 day challenge every month and this ultimate upper body challenge takes you to the next level!


My fitness journey has been amazing, ultimately exposing the areas of my body that need the most work. Its led me to focus on strengthening and toning my upper body in particular. So when it came time last month to choose my next 30 day challenge, I ran straight toward my weakness. I chose to strengthen and challenge my arms with this ultimate Upper Body Challenge. It hit every muscle of mine that needed work and truly takes your body to the next level!

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For a long time, I avoided 30 day challenges that required weights or extra props. I still firmly believe body weight exercises are the best way to create a foundation for your body, but I’ve also embraced weights and bands and more. Once you build that foundation, you want to build even more strength. That means challenging yourself with weights.

What I love most about this upper body challenge is that it mixes body weight exercises with weights. It utilizes two of the best body weight exercises in push-ups and dips. These are both amazing exercises and honestly, if you only added these two into your workout routine every day, your upper body would get ripped. I always feel the push ups and dips so much throughout my body, even days later.


Ultimate Upper Body 30 Day Challenge – Start on a Monday


This challenge also incorporates three exercises with dumbbell weights. I highly recommend using only 5 lb dumbbells, because by the end of this challenge you’ll be doing a full workout’s worth of reps and sets. Your exercises with weights are complimentary: front shoulder raises, bent over rows, and Arnold presses also known as shoulder press. They are all extremely simple yet challenging and each works a different part of your upper body.

Even if you choose not to use weights, you’ll feel the burn. This challenge starts off light, but ramps up quickly. The first week requires that you do one exercise a day and only 8 reps per exercise. That is so approachable and lays a great foundation for the rest of the challenge. It ensures you learn each exercise before diving in deeper. I love slower starts to challenges like this, because they make the entire challenge feel extremely approachable and enjoyable.

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By the end of this upper body challenge I felt stronger and my arms are now getting toned. I found that it was nice to do the combo days like a circuit, especially once you hit the second half of this challenge. I did this throughout the whole challenge on the weight days, because I like switching it up between exercises and creating a flow.

Now you have an ultimate upper body challenge that is approachable for all fitness levels and ultimately rewarding. Dan and I did this one together and both of us felt pushed. He also used 5 lb dumbbells to focus in, rather than let his ego push too far. There were periods where both of us were sore and it definitely snuck up on me by the halfway point. I love challenges that do that and this is one of the best. Try this challenge and share with me your thoughts!


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