Losing the Last 10: Tips For Crossing Your Fitness Finish Line

Are you ready to cross your fitness finish line and lose the last 10? We’ve got the four steps to success; all you need to succeed.

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Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve already come a long way on your fitness journey. You’re very, very close to crossing your fitness finish line. Before doing any more work, take a moment to congratulate yourself on that tough accomplishment. Cheers!

However, for some people, getting so close to a fitness goal brings dismay instead of jubilation. Instead of finding a toned, lean body that glows with health, you find your skin to be a bit saggy, or a scale stubbornly hovering 10 pounds over your goal.

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Fear not. Losing the last 10 is what all your hard work has prepared you for. Before you start regretting your months of effort, take the following four steps to cross your fitness finish line. You got this!


Step One: Don’t Trust the Scale

Don’t track your end-stage results using the scale alone. Are you fitting into your smallest size yet? Do you feel healthier, happier, and less hungry? Even though the scale’s numbers might be hovering a few pounds over your initial goal, if you’ve reached a size and look you’re happy with, consider forgetting that number altogether. Your fitness finish line has been crossed.

Step Two: Re-Envision Your Motivation

As individuals lose weight, sometimes portion sizes creep larger again, or dieters become impatient and bored with their regimen. At this stage, it is crucial to remind yourself why you started a new lifestyle in the first place. Picture yourself in a month, celebrating the day you step on the scale and see that you’ve hit the goal. Getting your focus back is the key to whittling off the last 10 pounds.

Step Three: Make Adjustments to Your Goals

If you’ve been mentally committed, eating right, and exercising, but still can’t seem to shed those last few pounds, you might need to rethink your diet or workouts. Consider adjusting your routine to incorporate more strength training, or cycling the number of calories you consume. Making fitness adjustments can keep your body from plateauing so that you can push through your final goals.

Step Four: For Stubborn Skin and Fat, Consider Surgery

Though cosmetic surgery is not right for everyone, in some situations it might be the best method to remove loose skin and get those end-stage results you’re looking for. Individuals who lose about 100 pounds or more will likely have loose skin that can be removed by a surgeon. Be sure to do research to see what surgery options are best for your situation. For example, the best candidates for liposuction are individuals over the age of 18, within 10 to 20 pounds of their target weight. Talk to a doctor to see what might be best for you.


At the end of your weight-loss journey, take a moment to celebrate, and then re-focus. Crush your final pounds using these tips to cross that fitness finish line and finally enjoy the body you’ve worked so hard for!



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