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Fit Mom Holiday Workout is the perfect Full Body workout circuit. It’s part of our BuzzChomp video series that gives you no excuse to not workout wherever and whenever.


I’m all about no excuses to not workout. This is why I created this fit mom holiday workout. It’s essential for to always be able to a workout no matter what the space I am in. Embracing at home circuits is the way to go for this.

My fit mom holiday workout is all body weight exercises so all you need is a mat or carpet. The crux of it relies on alternating between 10 push ups and 30 seconds of 5 other bodyweight exercises. These range from high knees, jumping jacks, wall sit, punches, and burpees.

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None of these exercises are overly complicated which makes it a perfect circuit to encourage others your spending the holidays with to do it along with you. Remember to do a minimum of 3 rounds, but try to push yourself more.

Do not take a rest between exercises, but feel free to rest up to two minutes between rounds. Push yourself and have fun!

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Holiday Workout Photo Credit to: Yours Truly

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