The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 7 | Ultimate Tease

Imprisonment, psychos and mass murder, but it was all just a TEASE. The White Lotus season 2 played us, just like those damn hookers who got everyone to bend over.


What a freaking tease! They built it up and built it up, and we got a little taste and then it ditched out on us. The entire season was emblematic of the fact that it was all about the hookers getting everybody, and then we were the mark. We got got! Lucia gamed everyone to perfection. Mia stole the job at the hotel. Ethan went bat shit crazy and then only to have sex with his wife. Cameron and Daphne, nothing. Porsia was imprisoned and then just dropped at the airport, so literally nothing. Tanya foiled the whole plot only to fall and hit her head and die anyways. This, after mass murdering all the people that were ganging up on her to apparently murder her at her husband Greg’s behest. Oh what a tease! Awesome adventure, The White Lotus season 2.

WATCH: My Reaction to The White Lotus S2E7

Another White Lotus resort and a new murder mystery to solve. This one ended with a comedic twist, as even solving the crime couldn’t stop it from happening. Everyone in The White Lotus season 2 has dirty secrets, but apparently no one is a murderer. Did anyone’s fantasy come true?

Greg needed to be dead, but he simply disappeared. Those dang hookers were the downfall of every guest at the resort, including us. They were the only real winners here.

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The White Lotus season 2 is crazy, funny, and full of blood in the water. It’s not enough to die on vacation. These guests must torture one another first. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick reaction.

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