Willow Episode 3 | Death Knight Side Quest

Willow Episode 3 is all about the Death Knight Side Quest! Willow and his crew need to go on little mini side quests to rescue Elora and get back on their journey, but of course not before they face off with the Death Knights!


 Willow Episode 3 is all about the Death Knight Side Quest! Willow and his crew lost Elora to Ballantine and his death knights. They of course squabble about which way to go to catch up with her and decide to split up. Very logical of course and nothing could go wrong.


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Once again they need to rescue Elora. Ballantine has her until he doesn’t. We get a fun cameo from Hannah Waddingham and Elora is once again captured by Ballantine.

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RIP Silas. Silas’s death motivates Willow to actually use his powers. Three episodes in and the group questions his powers, but he wants to save them to help Elora when the time comes.

Graydon is now infected by the evil. Can Elora and Willow together banish is from Graydon or can he do something about it? We don’t know too much about him except he understands those clouds as well as knows a lot of different languages.

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Willow Episode 3 Death Knight Side Quest. I’m embracing this show and just going on its adventure. Share with your thoughts? Check Out Episode 3 review.



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