The Whale | Heartbreaking Journey of Redemption and Regret

the whale

Its no easy thing to be positive and uplifting, while simultaneously depressing and heartbreaking. The Whale does all of that and more, capturing the end of one man’s life in an Oscar worthy moment.


A slice of life that just so happens to be this man’s final week of life. The Whale is a heartbreaking film of redemption, regret, and positivity wrapped up inside a gigantic dose of irony. No matter how much Brendan Frasier’s character stays positive, he never helps himself. His performance is wonderful and on point. This movie is heartbreaking with true Oscars 2023 performances.

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My favorite part of this film is how Brendan Frasier’s character manages to help those around him without ever helping himself. Sure, he reconnects with his daughter on his death bed, but it truly feels like he does this for her. Mistakes of the past are acknowledged, but never dwelled upon. The gift of the present is always embraced, even if we never leave the living room of this two bedroom apartment. The Whale is wonderful, heartbreaking, and yet ironically positive.


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the whale


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What was your first thought after watching this heartbreaking film? Will it win any of the best actor awards at the Oscars 2023? Keep your comments spoiler free and then check out our quick review video.


the whale


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