Patrick Mahomes is King of the NFL Mountain

patrick mahomes

He’s never not been great, but we can no longer question his GOAT status. Patrick Mahomes stands alone atop the NFL, continuing to win big no matter what happens to his team.

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What a finish to the 2022 NFL season! Perhaps the very ending of the Super Bowl was soured for some by that holding call. It certainly left no doubt of the outcome, whereas alternatively, Philadelphia could have had 60-90 seconds to make a drive. That leaves us wishing things could have been even more exciting, but the game lived up to all the hype and crowned our new GOAT once and for all.

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We had several legacy pushes with this Kansas City victory. Patrick Mahomes is the king of the league. Some of the other passers were making a push or making an argument to take that crown from him, but Mahomes reigns supreme. Perhaps the retirement of Tom Brady doesn’t impact that discussion, but it does seem apt that as the GOAT goes out, Mahomes secures his stranglehold on the NFL. He is now the GOAT and the Super Bowl fall out is real.


Patrick Mahomes is King of the Mountain

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Todd Salem: The Super Bowl Fallout is Real

Besides Mahomes, Andy Reid has also made a leap historically with another Super Bowl title. Reid was often thought of as a great coach but not someone considered in the pantheon. His early career struggles with game management overshadowed his offensive acumen. Now the opposite is true. He is such a good play creator and game plan designer. There was no clearer evidence of that than his team’s second half against the Eagles.

Mirroring the quarterback comparison, we must look at Bill Belichick’s tough season and really ask if Reid is now the premiere coach in the league today. He certainly has a roster advantage, but it is also fair to say that Belichick is not up to snuff on the offensive side of the ball these days and is resetting back to square one again at the QB position. His questionable draft success, uneven appointments of coordinators, and lackluster results on the field open the door for the conversation, if nothing else.

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On the NFC side of things, the Eagles felt like the most well-rounded roster in the sport, but that doesn’t guarantee annual success. They will have a number of free agents to make decisions on. Jalen Hurts may have another new offensive coordinator next season, which will once again raise questions of how great he really is, fair or not. I thought San Francisco was better this season and would have advanced with even a replacement-level passer. Not to mention how good the NFC East division was this year for Philly to battle with. Things will be congested at the top of the conference.

If Philly did leave one overarching stamp on the league in a losing effort, it’s that line play is still king, and great offense still beats great defense. The Eagles had great line play on both sides of the ball, and yet, when it mattered most, their league-best pass rush couldn’t penetrate the KC front. Their offensive line also couldn’t generate enough line push outside of QB sneaks. It was really confusing to see how dominant the line felt when Hurts had the ball in his hands and how clogged everything was when any back took a handoff. No RB had a run longer than nine yards in the Super Bowl, and the threesome collectively averaged 2.6 yards per carry for the game.

The Eagles, obviously, were not that far away from being a championship team, but it will take a lot and more to get back to this point. For any team without Mahomes and Reid, the odds will be stacked against you.


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Dan Salem: The New GOAT

Five straight AFC Championship games, three Super Bowl appearances and two championships to begin his career makes Patrick Mahomes the unequivocal king of the NFL. Because he had huge success so early, we kept questioning whether it would last. The Chiefs would lose top talent and we would reconsider their greatness. Yet three things have remained unchanged for Kansas City and it’s certainly why they won another Super Bowl. Mahomes, Andy Reid and Travis Kelce. Boom. Mic drop.

Kelce will likely retire as the greatest tight end in NFL history. Reid is certainly in the top 15 coaching pantheon, if not in the top five or ten at this point. I don’t knock Belichick for working through a reset. Instead I credit Reid for doing so much more each year, with seemingly a little less. But Mahomes is the key and the current GOAT. His ability to make plays happen, elevate those around him, and always overcome his adversity is what truly puts him atop the mountain.

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It’s not a coincidence that Tom Brady had Rob Gronkowski and Mahomes has Kelce. Dominating tight ends make an offense often unstoppable, but it’s Mahomes who is utilizing this asset to perfection. No matter what his defense does or does not do, Mahomes keeps his team in the game. He almost never loses by more than one score, if he loses at all. While I believe Hurts has a bright future, it’s unclear how his team will actually fare going forward. One thing I’m done doing is counting out Mahomes and the Chiefs. They are the team to beat until Patrick hangs up his cleats.

One curious thing to notice is how the Eagles are losing both their offensive and defensive coordinators who are moving on to head coaching opportunities. The Chiefs, however, are continuing to keep their offensive coordinator because no one is offering him a head coaching gig. It’s both mind boggling and wonderful for Mahomes, who retains offensive continuity for yet another season. Reid likely gets a little too much credit here, because maintaining continuity within the coaching ranks can not be understated. Mahomes keeping his OC is huge for his place atop the mountain. Don’t expect him to fall anytime soon.


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