The Fabelmans is Whimsical Magic

the fabelmans

Drama wrapped in confetti and smiles, with a dose of historical fiction thrown in for good measure. The Fabelmans is an excellent film with nothing but whimsical magic.


This is a classic Steven Spielberg film in all the best ways! The Fabelmans is a glorified version of his childhood, where everyone is uplifting and no one gets hurt in the end. Its whimsical magic at its finest. I love this film and I’d be shocked if it doesn’t win several Academy Awards at the Oscars 2023.

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With a positive view of his past, Steven Spielberg shares the highs and lows of his upbringing with rose colored glasses. Its exactly how we all want to remember things, but this movie is not short on drama. The lights are bright for every character, yet no one runs and hides from them. Unlike most Oscar movies, this film completely fabricates a reasonably true story that no one is familiar with. Yet its about someone we all know, which makes it fun!


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the fabelmans


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Did watching this movie make you want to run off to Hollywood? How many Academy Awards will The Fabelmans win at the Oscars 2023? More than one for sure, but you tell us your thoughts. Keep your comments spoiler free and check out our quick review video.


the fabelmans


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