Poker Face Episode 7 | No One Dies

Poker Face Episode 7 no one dies! This is my least favorite episode. It was enjoyable, but it is satisfying when Charlie figures everything out. I love when the person/people get taken down and without that karma at the end, it fell flat.



Power Face Episode 7 no one dies. I didn’t like it that no one died. The story and setup are fun. I love the race car drivers, the whole backstory, and the setup and sure Charlie figures it out, but the resolution is lackluster.


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The guest stars are of course fabulous once ago, but I think this episode could have been ironed out a bit more. It is fun that Charlie consistently solves a murder, like murder just follows her. That to me is essential to what makes this show work and this episode felt like a filler because there’s no karma coming back around at the end.

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Poker Face Episode 7 is just am okay episode to me.. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 7 reaction.


POKER FACE — “The Future of the Sport” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Leslie Silva as Donna Owens and Tim Blake Nelson as Kyle Owens — (Photo by: Peacock)


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Poker Face Photo Credits to Peacock

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