Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 2 | Framed For Murder

When the District Attorney is evil, everything is war. Mason and Della break the law for justice, to exonerate innocent boys. Perry Mason season 2.


It was inevitable. Perry Mason and Della get their hands dirty trying to exonerate two boys framed for murder. Brooks was killed because of a subpoena, which is odd only because we have no idea what its about. Breaking and entering, trespassing and lies. All in a days work for Perry Mason season 2.

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There’s nothing simple about this murder mystery, because Perry Mason only involves himself in the most twisted and dark crimes. Considering he nearly killed himself already by crashing his motorcycle, its unlikely any other death defying antics will phase our hero. The real question is, will Mason find love, or remain a stoic and sad loner?


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perry mason season 2


Will Paul and Mason become a dynamic duo, or are they destined to be on opposite sides of every mystery? Can Mason change anything in this corrupt version of Los Angeles? Was the real LA better or worse? If things go south, maybe Mason will find a permanent home at his old family farm.

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Perry Mason season 2 is guaranteed to shove evil in our faces, disguised with a smile. What are your thoughts on the show so far? Will this mystery be as disturbing as last season? Keep your comments coming and then check out our video on episode 2.


perry mason season 2


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