The Last Of Us Episode 9 | Renegade Assault

Let the world burn! That was Joel’s philosophy when making a renegade assault to save Ellie from the Fireflies and a surgeon’s knife. Everyone died and the duo ride off into the sunset. The Last Of Us episode 9.


The Fireflies turn evil and thrust Ellie onto the operating table, while imprisoning Joel. Renegade assault baby! Joel murders literally everyone in the hospital, destroying the Fireflies in Utah to save his Ellie. She may be the cure, but she doesn’t have to die for it. Back to Tommy and into the future for season 2. The Last Of Us episode 9 was a great season finale.

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I don’t know the story behind The Last Of Us, having never played the video game, so don’t hate on me for trying to predict a future that’s already been determined. It’s Joel and Ellie versus the world, and it sucks that Tess or Sam won’t be sticking around for the entire adventure. So far the infected are winning and evolving into massive monsters of death. A war is coming… in season two.


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Will Joel and Tommy truly partner up, or was this a single day reunion? What’s actually in Oregon for Ellie? How did Joel and Tess get together? Does any of this matter, since survival is hard enough? This show may never answer the hard questions, but we know the journey will be insane.

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The Last Of Us is an incredible video game and is shaping into an amazing series. What are your thoughts on the show so far? How does it compare to the video game? Keep them spoiler free and then check out our video on episode 9.


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