The Unofficial Start to the Holiday Season – Starbucks Holiday Drinks!

I’m a sucker for lattes.  The warmth, the foamy goodness and delish espresso, so good.  My love affair first started when I discovered the vanilla latte.  Yum! I couldn’t get my fill, but can you blame me?  My full-blown addiction began when I finally tried a mocha.  OMG.  Coffee and chocolate, how did I ever resist that?  And then Starbucks went and threw a curve ball, the amazing kind that leaves the world a better place.  They have holiday lattes with my personal favorite being the peppermint mocha.  Awww snap. Then they one- upped themselves and made it “skinny.” How can ya do this to me?  And thank you! Now I don’t have to splurge, a tall is only a hundred calories.

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays.  I don’t want to hear Christmas music or see a Christmas movie until after Thanksgiving.  It’s just not proper. Can’t we just enjoy November and then in December we’ll enjoy Christmas.  There is only one exception to this, Starbucks unleashing their holiday beverages upon us!  Seriously, I look forward first to the pumpkin spice latte and then to my heart’s desire: the peppermint mocha.

Living in LA, I can enjoy my peppermint mocha iced.  Amazing! Sure, it’s wonderful hot, but there is something great about icing down a beverage traditionally served hot. I’ve already had two since they came back on November 1st, one iced and one hot. I may go again tomorrow, since I only have two months to get my fill of my absolute favorite drink.

There are so many other wonderful drinks too.  Salted caramel anyone?  Eggnog latte? Gingerbread latte? Lucky for me they don’t do them all skinny or I would for sure have many hard decisions to make.  Starbucks, I’ll take you on as my unofficial start to the holiday season and enjoy my skinny peppermint mocha.  I only get two months to enjoy you.   I’ll take it!

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