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The Mandalorian episode 2 reaction is here! The Force awakens in this episode and it appears that this confuses our main character and his current alien side kick. I’m totally enjoying how this show set itself up and how it’s progressing along!


With a new episode of The Mandarlorian now streaming, episode 2 “The Child” shows us important details about Baby Yoda. The force awakens and it appears the Mandalorian and Kuiil have no clue what the force is! This of course got my brain spinning, because how can they not know about the force? Check out our reaction video, then comment below with your theories.

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This new episode of The Mandalorian is extremely simple, but honestly that’s what I’m liking about this show. Run time clocked it at 33 minutes, which is super refreshing for this style show. The Mandalorian, after fighting off two other bounty hunters, comes back to his ship with Baby Yoda and finds it to be scavenged by Jawas. The rest of the episode is him trying to get back his stuff with the help of his friend Kuiil.

The Mandalorian is tasked with retrieving an egg, where he is attacked by a creature. It is here that Baby Yoga uses the force to help the Mandalorian defeat this creature. The Mandalorian has no clue what Baby Yoda does and neither does Kuiil, which is super intriguing. We are five years removed from Return of The Jedi and the force has completely disappeared? Its became a myth so quickly, yet something is definitely missing from this story.

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This leads me to believe that the people who want Baby Yoga want him because of what he represents and what he can do. They are definitely not good and even though it appears that the Mandalorian is on his way to deliver him I do not think he will deliver Baby Yoda.

No cameo’s in this episode besides Nick Nolte as Kuiil. Hopefully we’ll get some more in episode 3. Two episodes in and the Mandalorian has not taken his helmet off. I’m anticipating that he will take it off this season!


Totally dug The Mandalorian episode 2 and the force awakens in “The Child.” So many questions and so many avenues this show can go. I’m excited to see episode 3. Share with me your thoughts and theories!

The Mandalorian episode 2

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