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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep 1-3 reaction is all about how love sucks in Gilead! OMG, love is the absolute worst. If someone claims to love you watch out because you won’t ever be safe. Our reaction video for the beginning of season 4 is here!


That’s right, love sucks in Gilead. The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep 1-3 reaction is here. Once again Hulu dropped the first three episodes. This season is already a slow burn and I’m here for it. It’s crazy how love sucks in Gilead. If someone loves you you won’t ever be safe. Make sure you watch our full reaction video!


There is no way that June will be safe at all this season. That is completely evident from the first moments of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Ep 1 and this theme continues throughout the first 3 episodes. June and the other handmaids are not safe at all. They’re trying to bounce from safe house to safe house, but of course June doesn’t just want to sit around. She wants to enact her revenge, but Gilead comes at them with all she’s got!

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The first episode, Pigs, really hammers this love sucks theme. This is definitely edged into the arc of season 4. Everything June has done is for the love of her family. She can’t leave Gilead because Hannah is still here and she doesn’t want her to grow up to be a Commander’s wife or worse somehow a handmaid. From the moment they arrive on Commander Keys farm, it’s evident that they won’t be able to stay long. It’s here that once again June and all the handmaids see the evil of Gilead. Mrs. Keys is just a girl and she has been put through hell by these Gilead men. It’s here once again June sees that Gilead wrongs ALL of its women, even the ones who live within the system and should be “privileged.”

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Throughout the first three episodes, we consistently see the evil that Gilead drops down upon all of its women. This goes from top i.e. Serena, Aunt Lydia, down to our handmaids and marthas. It is this evil that June has to stop and once again it’s for the love of her daughter and the ladies that she shared her time in Gilead with. They are all victims, they all realized that no matter what they do they will always suffer.

In the first three episodes, Pigs, Nightshade, and The Crossing, we see the lengths that Nick goes for his “love” for June. He consistently wants to save her, basically save her from death. But in “saving” her, he’s completely punishing her, torturing her, and destroying any kind of relationship she could ever have with Hannah. I wouldn’t want anyone to love me like he loves her.

Check out our full video for the break down of all three episodes of The Handmaids Tale Season 4. I have a feeling this slow burn will release about halfway through the season. Share with me with your thoughts on how love sucks in Gilead! The Handmaids Tale Season 4 Ep1-3 reaction is here!


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