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May The Fork Be With You | 5 Unique Flatware and Sets

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May the Fork be with you! That’s right, this is all about fun forks and unique flatware for the perfect set. Sure it’s silly, but more time at home means having the absolute best flatware and fork for every occasion!


We all use flatware all the time, but let’s face it, you probably don’t think much of it. May the Fork be with you. Spice up the mundane and add some flare to your day to day. These fun forks and unique flatware are why you need to have them in your life. Home should be fun and now that we’re venturing out more into the world, you also value your on the go silverware. Get ready for grilling season and reinvent yourself with a new set of literally everything. I’ve got you covered! You’ll have the best fork in your life!

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Because of our obvious homage, we have the best Star Wars obsessed fork engraved with “May The Fork Be With You.” Its awesome. Running out of your forks is not. Don’t worry, because this massive flatware set will keep you stocked with 80 pieces! Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


May The Fork Be With You – Unique Flatware


“May the Fork Be With You” Fork

Absolutely perfect for your Star Wars fanatic or lover of great puns. It’s fun and silly. Someone who loves this type of thing will totally appreciate it. May the Fork Be With You.

Buy It: “May The Fork Be With You” Fork ($12.99 on


Titanium Spork with Bottle Opener

If you’re enjoy hiking, picnicking, camping, or you just want a fork on the go, this spork is great! It’s eco-friendly and has a bottle opener built into it. I’ve definitely had some experiences where I’ve forgotten to bring a fork, needed one, and really wished I had my own with me. This is perfect to throw into your bag and always have in case of fork or bottle related emergencies.

Buy It: Titanium Spork ($11.99 on


Stainless Steel Carving Fork

It’s grilling season and this is perfect for all of your grilling needs. If you’re down with meat, then this bad boy will be perfect for that. Have no fear lovers of veggies and plant based meats on the grill, with this large carving fork you can manage those yummies too! This is a solid grill fork.

Buy It: Stainless Steel Carving Fork ($16.99 on


Moon Forks (Set of 4)

If you’ve ever wanted a bit of a statement fork, then these moon forks are so cute! There are truly a myriad of flatware styles out there, but this own stands out. It’s a bit of a throwback to have nice statement flatware. I always think of that as an old school vibe and next time I update my set, I am for sure going with a statement set!

Buy It: Set of 4 Moon Forks ($8.99 on


Silver Flatware Cutlery (80 piece set)

Now you have everything. With most of us eating at home and staying close to home so frequently, the worst thing that can happen is for you to run out of silverware after one meal. This 80-piece set fits all your needs, and even comes with streak knifes and serving utensils! It is definitely a great value.

Buy It: Silver Flatware Cutlery Set ($41.99 on


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