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Container Gardening Essentials for Spring

container gardening

Spring is upon us and I love to garden. City living has taught me to adapt, and I’ve learned which gardening tools are essential. Container gardening is the best way to begin, no matter your space! Enjoy our container gardening essentials for spring.


Don’t let anything stand in your way of cultivating a beautiful garden. Container gardening is super easy to start and can be done anywhere. You really only need a few key things and a willingness to get your hands a little dirty. Depending on your space, experience, and how much effort you want to put in, you will grow an amazing garden. There is no single way to do it and it is all rewarding.

The easiest way to begin container gardening is with a kit. Buying a really good window sill kit makes it easy to get started because the kit includes literally everything you need. It also teaches you how to take care of your plants. This kit here is a great starter kit for under $50 that includes nine plants and all you need to grow them successfully.

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If you’re lucky to have an abundance of space, then you can grow some really great plants. With some additional space, I plan to buy these large nursery containers. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes, and a lot of really great veggies that need only a medium amount of space to flourish. Now on to the essentials you need to start container gardening right now! Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


Container Gardening Essentials


Raised Planter Box

This planter box is awesome! It’s a good size and if you have the room, it is perfect on the balcony or a deck. There is storage underneath, which is great! I love this planter so much.

Buy It: Raised Planter Box ($79.99 on


Flower Seed Collection

Seeds are essential to your container garden. Of course you can buy plants, but growing flowers from seeds is so rewarding. It’s easier than you think and you just need a little patience.

Buy It: Flower Seed Collection ($10.99 on


Indoor Herb Growing Kit (9 herbs)

A window garden kit like this is amazing! All you have to do is follow the directions. It comes with everything! This kit is a really great way to get started, develop your green thumb, and get addicted to gardening.

Buy It: Indoor Herb Growing Kit ($39.99 on


Garden Tools Set (12 piece)

This is a great set of everything you need. I love that it has it’s own bag, so you can store everything in one place. If you get the raised planter box, then you can keep it on the bottom shelf and it will be nice and organized.

Buy It: Garden Tools Set ($28.99 on


Plant Grow Bags

These are amazing if you have the room. I wish I had the room to use these, because you can grow so many different things with them. These are perfect for heavy duty plants like potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Buy It: Plant Grow Bags ($12.99 on


Hanging Glass Terrarium

I absolutely love these so much! They are so cute and the perfect way to have plants if you’re new, don’t have a green thumb, or if you just want some extra plants in your life. You do need the actual air plants (see below), as well as some moss or pebbles.

Buy It: Hanging Glass Terrarium ($18.99 on


Air Plants Collection

These air plants are perfect for the terrarium above. They add a little plant vegetation to your life without it being a really large commitment. Like anything in your life, gardening takes time to get, but it’s all about following the directions. These air plants need minimal work. They are great for a beginner gardener.

Buy It: Air Plants ($15.90 on


Super Moss Variety Pack

Super moss works great for the air plants. You only need a little for each plant and there is a great variety in this pack. There are also other great uses for the leftover, because you will not use a lot for each terrarium.

Buy It: Super Moss ($11.50 on


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