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The 5 BEST Bikinis To Buy Right Now!

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Summer is here, which means bikini season! Clean out your bikini drawer, get rid of the old, and add the 5 best bikinis full of LA style. You can never have too many bikinis!


Stop what you’re doing! It’s bikini season and you need some new fashion. Get on board with the 5 best bikinis available today! These are full of LA style and colors galore. I love summer, I love the beach, and I love bikinis. No matter how many I have, there are always new styles I’m missing. Because I just cleaned out my bikini drawer, there is plenty of room for these five new bikinis. Now we treat ourselves.

I am all for statement bikinis, but we also need the simple styles in our wardrobe. This statement bathing suit has tassels! Rock the tassels with this bikini. Then grab a traditional style that every woman should own, this fabulous white bikini. Find the perfect bikini that embodies your style, because that is the way to go!

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Right now, tie dye bikinis are all the rage, so you definitely need to hop on the tie dye train. Get a great tie dye bikini like this one, which is super cute and even comes with a sarong. A 3-piece bikini set is a rare find and something that I never knew I needed until now!

If you didn’t adventure out much last summer, then now is the time to indulge in all of the wonderful bikinis, like the five best bikinis spotlighted below. Whatever your bikini flare, I’ve got a great one for you! Time to hit the beach or pool! Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


5 Best Bikinis To Buy Right Now!


Spaghetti Strap Lace Up Bikini

This is such a cute bathing suit and it has spaghetti straps and lace up. It comes in ALL different colors and patterns. I love that the bottom and top are different. It’s such a cute look.

Buy It: Spaghetti Strap Lace Up Bikini ($16.99 on


Rainbow Push Up Bikini

Every woman should have a nice sexy push up bikini. This one is so cute and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I love this rainbow one! It’s adorable and looks so great on this model.

Buy It: Rainbow Push Up Bikini ($23.99 on


Tie Dye Bikini Set

Finally, a great 3-piece bikini set! I love that this set comes with a sarong, because it’s super adorable. I like the pattern and the colors above, but there are so many different options. If this one isn’t your fancy, then chances are another one is!

Buy It: Tie Dye Bikini Set ($19.99 on


High Waist Tassel Bikini

Well hello cute bikini! This is adorable and a high waist bikini is definitely a nice change from the many skimpy bottoms. I love the different colors you can get this in, but personally this is my favorite combo. This suit has so much flare and style.

Buy It: High Waist Tassel Bikini ($26.99 on


White Shirred Bikini

At some point in a woman’s life, we all need to rock a white bikini. I love this one because its basic and super cute. You can get this bikini in other colors, but I highly recommend it in white. It is just so adorable!

Buy It: White Shirred Bikini ($21.99 on



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