Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep6 Reaction | End of the World

Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep6 shows us the end of the world. Our reaction video dives into the world that Melanie experiences as she’s in her current isolation state! This episode gave us a look into what the current climate conditions entail and we feel for Melanie.


Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep6, Many Miles from Snowpiercer, focused all on Melanie and what the end of the world is like. We knew Melanie made it to the weather station, but why she did not connect to the final balloon was a mystery. This episode connected most of the missing pieces. Make sure you check out our full reaction video!


It’s a bold choice that the writers of Snowpiercer separated Melanie from the train for half the season. Jennifer Connelly is such a fabulous actress and really makes the show. Though Melanie had her mission to bring hope to Snowpiercer and evaluate the current weather. Where are the pockets of warm for life to restart?

Touted as a suicide mission, Melanie hits snag after snag when it comes to this 30 day data retrieval adventure. An avalanche takes out her sled and food, but she discovers her own hope in the form of rats. Though she continuously is haunted by her own demons in the form of Alex, Layton, and of course Wilford.

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The whole episode leads you to the question of is there a point when Melanie’s hallucinations over take the reality of the episode. Is the ending actually her own hallucination or is the train actually there? To me that question is obvious that the train is not a hallucination of Melanie. The power struggle continues and Wilford deliberately does not slow down for Melanie.

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This episode filled in Melanie’s gap, but of course reminds us at the end that the power struggle is in full force. Wilford made his move at the end of episode 5 and Snowpiercer and Big Alice are war. Melanie will not die by the side of the train tracks, but next episode will show us the consequences of Wilford’s actions.

Make sure you watch our full Snowpiercer reaction video. Share with me what you think is in store for Snowpiericer!


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