What Are You Thankful For? Embrace It and Share Gratitude!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I always ask myself this question and it’s imperative for all of us to hone in on what we are thankful for. Then embrace it and share the gratitude with others!


This year is my baby girl Madeline’s first Thanksgiving. I am so excited to share this with her! She is just shy of eight months old, so I know she won’t remember it, but I will! I’m so thankful for this little angel in our lives and can’t express the amount of gratitude my husband and I feel for our family.

Maddi is eating up a storm and I’m psyched for her to indulge in our Thanksgiving meal. Dan and I love Thanksgiving food! It’s my favorite feast to make and eat! I love having days worth of leftovers and I’m super excited to share that love with her and our friends. So far Maddi has enjoyed all of the food we’ve served her, so I have no doubt that she’s going to love this holiday!

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I’m also very thankful for my man, Dan. 2017 has been the biggest year of changes for us and I want to express my gratitude for all of it! We brought another life into this world and Dan adapted so easily, just like he always does. Dan and I met fifteen years ago and to this day, I still can’t get enough of him. He was the best boyfriend, the best fiancé, is the best husband, and now father. The other morning when Maddi finished breastfeeding in our bedroom, she searched for her Daddy. Dan had already left to go get ready for the day and Maddi burst into tears. She couldn’t find her Daddy. It was so adorable and melted my heart that she loves him so much!



It’s definitely hard to be away from our extended family during the holidays, but we just recently saw both sets of our parents. They were able to come to Los Angeles for a visit! Maddi had such a blast with her grandparents. I’m so grateful that she got to spend time with them prior to the holidays.

Dan, Maddi and I are lucky to have a great family and awesome friends! Your world changes when you add a baby into the mix, but it’s so wonderful to have friends that embrace Maddi! We took Maddi to her first Los Angeles Clippers game earlier this month and it was so cool to enjoy that with her and our friends.

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I love this time of year so much! It’s definitely my favorite and I know it can get hectic and be a lot of work, but I’m truly thankful for all of the good that is in my life. I’m thankful for my family and my newest addition who is just the best little baby girl.

No matter what is going on in your life, you have a myriad of things that you can be thankful for! Make sure you embrace it this week, express and share that gratitude, then keep embracing it through the end of the year. Take a few moments and write down what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving and embrace it!



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