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We’re enjoying our Fit Mom Holiday Challenge! This coming week 3 is shoulders! It’s part of our BuzzChomp fitness vlog series.


All of us fit Mom’s out there need strong shoulders. I don’t know about you all but my babe LOVES to be picked up. She loves for me to hold her and she loves to be carried around. I definitely wanted to make sure we had a whole week on the fit Mom holiday challenge dedicated to truly working those shoulders!


All of these exercise will confront your shoulders. One of these most confronting exercises I’ve ever done is on here and that is push up burpees. I did the push up burpees challenge a few months ago and it was intense! These burpees you do on Tuesday and let me tell you Tuesday and Friday will be the hardest days because of these burpees!

The big thing I’ve done here with the Fit Mom Holiday Challenge is create circuits devoted to each muscle groups. After week 3 of shoulders we already have three circuits! By the end of this Fit Mom Holiday Challenge we will have 8 unique circuits that target all different muscles.

Week 3 shoulders is one of the hardest week of the Fit Mom Holiday Challenge. Share your progress with me kids!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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