30 Day Strong Arms Challenge Crushes Your Arms!

We just completed another 30 day challenge and whoa! The Strong Arms challenge crushes your upper body. This fitness challenge is perfect for getting toned, but bear in mind that it’s not for the faint of heart.


Much like other 30 day challenges, the Strong Arms challenge starts out slow. Take this time to really work on your form. Make sure you look at this arms challenge carefully, because the first two weeks you do two sets of each exercise, and the final two and a half weeks you do three sets. Trust me when I say that adding the extra reps really intensifies this 30 day challenge.

The variety of the Strong Arms challenge is what drew me to it. I love challenges that have multiple exercises, adding to my normal every day workouts. By the end of most 30 day challenges I feel like the challenge itself stands alone as its own workout, and this one is no different. This challenge has six exercises, three per day: burpees, plank, dips, inchworms, shoulder press, and push ups.

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You do need dumbbells for shoulder presses, otherwise no equipment is required. I recommend not going overboard with the weight. Dan and I both used five pound dumbbells, which were perfect. This allowed both of us to really work on our form. You need proper form and strength, especially when you’re doing 25 reps for three times! You also need a chair for dips, so just make sure you have a sturdy chair.

Every fifth day is a rest and trust me, your arms need that rest! I love challenges like this one that are extremely structured. This includes the rest days and the number of reps. Burpees and inchworms are always the same number, even though they’re on separate days. For the first two weeks it goes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and then the last two and a half weeks starts back at 5 and goes up to 12 reps. It’s easy to remember, which is nice.



Even though the number of reps are not extreme, you’re doing three exercises a day and two or three sets. By your final set it is intense! My arms were always done for, which I loved. At first glance you might think no, my arms won’t be fatigued, but by the end of this challenge they will be!

With the holidays coming up, definitely try this challenge out. You can do it anywhere and its a solid workout on its own. Don’t worry if you’re going somewhere and won’t have dumbbells, because you can sub dumbbells with two water bottles. That will give you the same impact and it will still be hard by the final set. Doing three sets of 25 on the final day kicks your arms bum!

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I love this strong arms 30 day challenge and it definitely crushes your arms. The mark of a good challenge is when I want it to end due to the fatigue. I craved the end of this challenge to give my arms a break! But I was even more excited to complete this challenge. What an accomplishment. My arms thank me for doing this arms challenge!

Go start this bad boy today. You will not be sorry! Your arms will thank you. Strong Arms 30 day challenge kicks your bum kids!



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