Fit Mom Holiday Challenge | Week 2 Arms | BuzzChomp Fitness Vlog

Week 2 of our Fit Mom Holiday Challenge. Week 2 is arms! It’s our BuzzChomp fitness vlog. Follow along and join on this holiday challenge.


Week 2 consist of dips, push ups, side plank, and punches. Friday is the day you do all the exercises and remind we always do 2 sets. I love arm workouts. Let’s not forget that I just finished an arms challenge. The best part about this week is you can do each of these exercises slowly.

I truly believe that all you need to do is dips and push ups to have nice toned arms. I did a ton of dips and push ups during my pregnancy and my arms looked so good! They did not balloon up. If you put my arms next to any other woman you’d never know I was pregnant. Embrace this arm week! It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of this challenge.


Remember that your arms will be super sore after doing this week! That is perfect because you know you worked them then! Our Fit Mom Holiday challenge is here from now through the first week of the year. Even if you didn’t start with us start now and join our challenge!

Week 2 is arms! WOO. It’s going to work them good! Follow along on our Fit Mom holiday challenge.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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