Spring into healthy eating!

Everyone goes gaga over spring, as they should! The air is lighter.  The sun shines brighter.  The smell of summer is just on the horizon. Love it! When it comes to spring time, many people have a rebirth. There’s a cool resemblance to the New Year with loads more people outside running and walking.  Go see, it’s definitely spring time and even looks and feels like it. HOT DAMN! Now’s the perfect time to jump back to those healthy habits and spring yourself into healthy eating!

You’ve been telling yourself all year long that tomorrow you’ll stop snacking; tomorrow you won’t eat that donut and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Well today is now tomorrow bitches!  I’ve written a lot on freshening up your workout, and surprise, it’s an amazing way to get motivated to eat healthy.  I suggest getting your bum bum outside and embrace the spring air! If you normally workout at the gym, add a day where you get outside and do something different like running or evening jogging. The weather is absolutely perfect, not too hot, and not too cold. If you refuse to run, get outside for a hike! No matter what new exercise you add to your workouts, I guarantee you’ll feel great. A new accomplishment, added energy and the healthy glow of some exercise are the perfect set up for a healthy meal. You feel great and you want food that makes you feel great too!

Now you’ve rejuvenated your workout and want to keep the youthful feelings flowing.  It’s time to tackle your diet. First, stock your fridge with all the delish vegetables and fruits that are now widely available due to the nice weather! Woo! Veggies! Fruits! Yes!  Even if you don’t live in LA, your local farmer’s market is starting to spring back up so you have access to the best local foods! Natural energy is the best kind, so stock up on those fruits and veggies.

Once you’ve filled your fridge with healthy and fresh foods, it’s time to cook! The easiest way to add healthy meals into your diet is by adding in salads! No boring salad over here. We’re talking all kinds of salads, mixing nuts and berries and proteins and greens. I like to use a base of kale or spinach, maybe even both if I’m feeling adventurous! Chop up all your new fresh veggies; tomato, cucumber, carrots, everything and anything you bought. To give your salad a little more depth, add some avocado or another favorite of mine, sliced strawberry.  The avocado and strawberry go extremely well together! Spray a little olive oil and pepper on top and it’s ready to eat.  You don’t even need any dressing! You lose all the good flavors of the veggies with it, but if you can’t imagine a salad without one, avoid the full fat varieties and stick to a light balsamic.

Personally I can eat veggies and fruits at every meal, but I know lots of you crave some balance.  I recommend adding couscous and quinoa to your diet. They are so easy to make and so much lighter and healthier than rice or pasta! You can add them to salads or you can make them with veggies as a side dish or a full on meal. Since spring is all about freshness, it’s also a great time for fish. Yeah fish! Fish is fresh and very spring like, healthy and a great source of protein. Add some fish to your diet in place of the fattier meats. Trust me, its light, filling, and low in calories. Plus it cooks fast and tastes great. Tacos anyone?

Go on, get out there people and spring into action! Get outside and try a new exercise, the best springboard to healthy eating. Or just embrace the freshness of spring and embrace a healthy diet. It’ll keep you motivated to stay healthy all year long!

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