Single All the Way review | Christmas Comedy Gold

This new Christmas movie has the perfect cast of comedic actors, turning a film that is so on point into comedy gold! Single All The Way is a funny take on your classic holiday love story. Enjoy another quick Christmas movie review!


They nailed every joke and every weird quirk, making comedy gold out of an otherwise classic holiday love story. Single All The Way is very on point, but it works so well. Did I mention how weird the characters are, but in a good way? Watch my 30 second quick Christmas review!

We love Christmas movies and Single All the Way is a truly funny film. There are so many great comedic actors in this movie, plus a delightful combination of stereotypical Christmas movie stories. Have you watched this Christmas movie? Share with us your thoughts!

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We cut Christmas movies a little extra slack. So many are predictable and loaded with the cheese, but it’s Christmas so we can forgive it! Single All The Way requires no forgiveness. It’s a funny and awkward love story that had us laughing all the way through Christmas.

What’s your favorite type of Christmas movie? This one has a nativity play, a forever love ignored, plus that hot new flame who’s getting in the way. Share with your thoughts on this movie!

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