And Just Like That Ep5 | Getting Dirty

And Just Like That Season 1 Ep5 is getting dirty! This episode finally gave us more of old school Sex and the City vibes. Carrie being Carrie. Charlotte and Miranda right there supporting her.


And Just Like That Season 1 Ep5 getting dirty. There definitely are some good things about this episode and a vibe that throws it back to the original series. Carrie is being Carrie. Make sure you check out our quick review below.

Quick Review Episode 5

Carrie gets a little dirty by sharing her diaphragm story on the podcast. Which of course teases a Samantha return! You bet right now they are trying to get Kim Cattrall back so HBO will renew it for season 2. We get a little old person humor with Carrie’s hip replacement.

Miranda finally admits her unhappiness, but at what cost is that admission. I’m fine with the direction of her character, but did she learn nothing in the past? Steve cheated on her and that ruined her. Now she’s going to do the same thing. I think it’s a bad move on her part to do to that to Steve and Brady.

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Charlotte just truly back to being Charlotte, but in a way that she has progressed in life. I think her story line is my favorite because it’s such a great lesson for her to learn. She’s going to understand it and accept it, but it’s really nice to see her learn.

And Just Like That Season 1 Ep5 is getting dirty. I think the show is starting to find its way. Finally a time jump at the end and a clear message that for a season 2 they need Samantha back. Share with me your thoughts on And Just Like That Ep5 and check out our quick review.

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