And Just Like That Episode 3 | Grieving Through!

And Just Like That Season 1 Episode 3 is grieving through. Carrie walks and grieves as she of course still processes the sudden death of Big. Hopefully the whole season won’t be all Carrie’s grief!


And just Like That Season 1 Episode 3 is grieving through. I enjoyed this episode and the process it took through Carrie’s grief. I will say that I’m ready for a time jump because I don’t want to see her so sad the whole season! Check out our quick review below.

Quick Review Episode 3

Carrie definitely still has a lot to process with the death of Big and where her life now goes. This episode had a bit of the Natasha shocker, but really just Big’s final apology to her. She definitely got shafted by him since he really shouldn’t have married her when he was still in love with Carrie. I do think it would have been kind of fun if say one of Natasha’s son was Big’s and he found out, but hadn’t told Carrie yet. That would have def fallen in line with who Big was in The Sex and The City series.

Miranda’s story line is a bit of art imitating life with the obvious exploration of herself. The writing is on the wall for a Miranda bisexual exploration. She tells Charlotte her and Steve haven’t had sex for years. This is a bit surprising considering in the first Sex and The City movie they had the whole Steve cheated on Miranda story line. I don’t know if I’m down for Miranda cheating on Steve. They do seem to have a solid relationship minus the sex.

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Charlotte’s coming to terms with her daughters own identity and who she feels like she is. I think this is a good story line for Charlotte. This will definitely be good for her!

And Just Like That Season 1 Episode3 is grieving through. I definitely think it needs a time jump. Carrie definitely can figure out her life now that she’s back in her old apartment. Make sure you check out our quick review and share with me your thoughts on episode 3!

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