Running in the Zone: My Running Diary (Running Zone)

Running in the zone is something that for a long time I only dreamed of. I knew it was possible to get lost in your run, but it still escaped me! Then, without warning, I was in that running zone!


Diary of a Running Chick: September 12th, 2016

For years finding my running zone was on my annual list of goals. I wanted to be able to just run and be so focused on running that I’d forget everything else around me. I’m happy to say this is something that I’m now able to do, but it definitely took me some time and it’s something that I often don’t even realize I’m doing.

Just the other day I was running a long run with my man. We had discussed cutting up a side street. I knew that’s what we were doing. I even reminded myself as we were going and watched my man make the turn. BUT sure enough I was in the zone and shut out the world. I ran right past our agreed upon cut up and didn’t even realize it until I was two streets farther along. As soon as it hit me, I turned around and sprinted back to our cut up street, booking it up the hill to make up time.

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In the moment I was slightly disappointed in myself that I had not been aware of where I was, but then I realized I was completely in the running zone. I was just having fun on my run and it was awesome! I wasn’t thinking about anything else other than my run. How great is that? I wasn’t planning for it to be done, or thinking about anything other than that current moment of running.

I’ve worked very hard at running in the moment and that’s what running in the zone is. It’s setting aside everything else in your life that’s going on and just focusing on the moment. Enjoying the run. In life we have a tendency to be thinking about other things when we’re doing something else. That can lead us to be distracted. It can lead us to injure ourselves and it really affects whether we enjoy what we are doing. Finding the zone is like finding peace, making the most of your run!


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That’s the most important part for me when it comes to running. I want to truly enjoy it always and I make sure I always am. No matter if I’m having a slow day, fast day, or a zone day, I’m always enjoying my run. I’m always enjoying myself because I truly want to be out there running!

Running in the zone is one of those moments that you can’t plan for. You just do it. You just have to decide that you’re running and that is it. Nothing else matters. It definitely takes some work and it doesn’t happen over night. It didn’t for me. It took time. It took work. It took a lot of runs and now that I’m there, I definitely need to make sure that I recognize my accomplishment. That I remember just what it took for me find my running zone.

It takes a lot of sweat and a lot of runs, but once you’re there you’ll never want to let go! Enjoy the moment and find your zone.



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