Running with a Partner: My Running Diary

Running with a partner changes your runs! It was the best thing I ever did to improve my runs and my fitness. I wish I could run with someone else every day!


Diary of a Running Chick: February 13th, 2017

When I used to run high school track I ran for “distance.” In reality I ran the 800, or about one mile. Looking back I realize it wasn’t a far distance, but it taught me to love running. I enjoyed running with a group of girls so much more than I did running by myself. It was freeing, motivating, and it was great to be running with someone other than myself. If you were the person who was the last in the pack, it was always such a drag. This rarely happened to me, but if it did I made sure the next day that I was not at the back running by myself.

For many years I didn’t like running outside by myself. Eventually that changed, but I craved those days of running with a partner. For a long time I had no one to run with, but when my man and I started running outside together it was incredible. We both pushed one another! That really is the best part of running with someone else. You have someone there who keeps you accountable.

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My man is the best running partner for me because he always takes into account how I’m feeling, yet he also knows that I can step up my runs and that he can help me up my pace. In turn I do the same thing for him! It’s been a lot harder running while pregnant and having him running there with me has been so much better. The distance between us has gotten greater, but it’s encouraging to have him waiting for me and cheering me on! We all need that!

It takes a lot to get yourself out and running. There is a lot of mental and physical motivation required. I find that having a partner to go running with takes away some of the pressures of motivation. I know he’s counting on me to get out there and run and I’m counting on him! It truly gives us no excuse to not go run!


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A great benefit of running with a partner is exploring new routes. My man and I haven’t done this as much now that I’m in the final weeks of my pregnancy, but we used to do this all the time! We’d run different routes. We’d run longer routes! Running with him expanded my running and what it could be. Then it made my runs by myself so much better, because I had more variety to work with!

I crave my days of running with a partner! It’s a great switch to running by myself. I’m always faster when I’m with someone else and I can’t wait for us to take out our running stroller and run with our little girl! I’m already longing for some fun runs as the three of us and discovering new routes that are challenging!


Running with a partner even one day a week is amazing! You get so many benefits out of it and it’s always good to have someone else there pushing you and holding you accountable for your run! Go for it together!


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