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The Walking Dead Season 7 is back and Daryl will conquer Ezekiel!

Daryl escaped Negan! We are so happy that this happened! Of course he can’t go back to Alexandria right away. That’s Negan’s first place to look for Daryl. The best thing that Ezekiel suggested was that Daryl stay at the Kingdom! Negan has never stepped foot there and he won’t ever think to look there. There is no way to link them all together!

Now that Daryl is at the Kingdom he needs to conquer Ezekiel. Ezekiel just wants to live in the world he created with his rose-colored glasses. He doesn’t want to engage with Negan, even though they have the weapons and man power to go head to head against the Saviors!

Daryl has first hand knowledge of Negan and this is going to come in handy as he wears Ezekiel down! He knows that Negan is power-hungry. He knows that Negan just takes, takes, takes! He’s going to come to the Kingdom. He will break their agreement and Ezekiel is being naive!

The best play that Daryl has is with Carol and Morgan, but especially Carol. Morgan told them that Carol wasn’t there anymore, but now that he knows about Glenn and Abraham I think he’s going to tell Daryl that he lied. I think he’s going to take Daryl to Carol. Once Carol knows about Negan killing Glenn, her mindset will change! She will help Daryl to convince Ezekiel to take down Negan!

So excited the Walking Dead Season 7 is back kids! It’s all about Daryl Conquering Ezekiel!

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How do you think Daryl will sway Ezekiel? The Walking Dead Season 7 is on fire.

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Khary Payton as Ezekiel – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



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