Running Tips: Dealing with the Unexpected!

I like to control certain aspects of my life, and running is one of them. But in terms of running tips, you need to deal with the unexpected. This past week I did!


Diary of a Running Chick: December 11th, 2017

I prefer to control certain aspects of my life. So much of my professional life is uncertain that the parts of my life I can control, I control to the max. Running is one thing I like to control. I’ve talked before about how to plan when you run, but in terms of running tips, you need to deal with the unexpected. This past week I definitely did!

I always think how lucky I am to live in Southern California where I can run all year, basically as much as I want to. Occasionally we have a rainy winter, but normally I don’t have to worry about inclement weather. This past week I dealt with fires extremely close to where I live. We normally don’t experience them on my side of town, but not only did we have one close by, the Santa Ana winds blew in a ton of smoke making the air quality extremely poor prior to our fire even breaking out.

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On Tuesday morning I got up status quo and knew that it was windy outside. The wind had never stopped me before, so I went running. The wind had blown in a ton of smoke from the Ventura fire. On my whole run I smelled the smoke. It was EXTREMELY gross and not to mention made me stink! I decided as I was running that I would power through it, because I’d already dealt with it for most of my run. In my head I kept telling myself the smell would go away. This experience was unexpected for me. I had an okay run that morning, but felt gross afterwards.

After having that experience Tuesday morning, I knew that I’d need to adapt my runs for the rest of the week. I woke up Wednesday morning to the news that there was a fire two miles away from where I live. I decided that I would not run that morning. This of course bummed me out, but I was dealing with the unexpected! I had to let go of that disappointment. It was not safe for me to run outside! That is the best of all running tips; let go of your emotions and deal with the unexpected.


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I actually had to take two days off from running, but I let go of any disappointment. I couldn’t change or help the fires and I needed to be safe and make sure my baby was safe while we run. Friday I decided I would get back outside to run. Prior to running I set an intention for my run. I wasn’t going to have any expectations. I would just go run and if the air felt too heavy, I would turn around and go home. Whatever came my way, I would accept that unexpected.

That’s my biggest of running tips. Dealing with the unexpected means you have to accept it. You can’t change the weather and if it rains, snows, is too cold, or the air quality is poor, you just have to accept it. Putting our safety first is a must. I run with my baby now and need to be even more careful than I was before. Dealing with the unexpected happens, but you just have to go with it kids! Taking days off stinks, but it’s not the end of the world. We’ll live to run another day!


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