Running through Daylight Saving Time in 3 Steps

running through daylight saving

Daylight Saving ends and many of us go crazy. Our clocks fall back an hour, meaning less sunlight and less time to run. That’s why I’m sharing my three steps to running through daylight saving time with ease!


Daylight Saving time is archaic, but we still must deal with it and overcome the internal mayhem it causes. Some may shrug off the time change, but no one can ignore its impact on our exercise. We lose light during this time, meaning less time in the day to run or workout outdoors. I for one am standing out front of the impending calamity. Say it with me; I will not allow Daylight Saving to ruin my runs! Be prepared for running through Daylight Saving time in three steps. Then get moving!


Mental Preparation

It’s imperative that you mentally prepare yourself for the end of Daylight Saving time. Even though our clocks fall back and we technically gain an hour for one day, this doesn’t mean that it is restful. Remember, the days are getting shorter over the next two months and that can easily bring you down a bit. Less sunlight definitely changes your mood and motivation, so look for the signs within yourself.

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If you have children like me, then this time change can be even more off putting. Kids don’t get it and it will take days for their schedule to readjust, which in turn takes a toll on us parents. That’s why it’s extremely important to maintain your schedule. This is true even if you don’t have children, because one change is enough without you compounding the problem. If you always wake up at 6 AM and go running, then continue to get up at the same time and go. Even if you’re feeling lethargic, stick to your schedule.

Currently, I’m embracing the coming change in advance by getting outside when its dark. I don’t like Daylight Saving time and believe we should abolish it, but I must focus on what I can control. That means riding the wave and running through Daylight Saving, because I always get tired no matter which way we move the clocks.

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Committing Yourself

Unless you own a treadmill or live in an area with open gyms, running outside is most likely your primary outlet to run. But no matter how you choose to exercise, the challenge is the same. My preferred way to run is outdoors, so I’m committing myself to the activity. This means the time change and the weather are merely details, not hindrances. Commit yourself now to your chosen method of exercise.

I run six days a week and love it, but I still listen to my body on a daily basis. This means knowing when I need to slow down, change or adjust so that I don’t burn out. That being said, I’m always committed to running six days a week. If my body needs a rest, then I give it a rest, but my commitment is unchanged. When I know something will shift my running, I always embrace it. This includes our time change.


running through daylight saving


Accepting Change

My favorite time of year to run is in the fall and spring, but I don’t allow the other seasons to get me down. It’s invigorating to run on a cold morning or a hot day. There’s a freedom to running during the warm summer mornings, or in the face of impending snow. I remind myself that every time of year is a great time of year to run. That means accepting the change that each season brings, be it weather or less sunlight or a time change.

Pace yourself, be true to how you run, and enjoy something different with each new season. So often we get in our own way when running. I used to allow so many different things to get in my way of a run and my enjoyment. That is one thing that I don’t do anymore. Frankly, I refuse to allow outside factors to ruin something I love. Running is a part of who I am and I always accept the changes that come with it.

Focus on being adaptable. That’s truly something that you need to be with running. No one can run in a bubble, even if you run on a treadmill. The best part of running is that every time I run, the experience is different. You aren’t ever the same on any given day and no run is ever the same.

To be a runner or have fitness as part of your daily routine, you must stay committed and focus on the amazing feelings you get. Do not let anything get in your way. There are too many forces in this world that weigh us down and distract us from what is important. Embrace the coming change, embrace running through Daylight Saving, own yourself and love who you are as a runner.


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