Running Success: Focus on One Run at a Time for Ultimate Consistency!

This is the time of year when you’re running success is tested. It’s the start of the holiday season and I’ve seen so many people already drop off their running. Make sure you focus on one run at a time for ultimate consistency.


My Running Diary: October 31st, 2018

There are a myriad of little idiosyncrasies that can happen when you run. For me, a lot of them have to do with staying present. I find that if I’m present, then I’m truly experiencing my run. Experiencing the run allows me to have ultimate running success. What I’ve noticed is that I’m no longer focusing on another day’s run, but on today.

Being anywhere else but present is a common pitfall, and there are two ways I would fall into this trap. The first would be by harboring a resentment from a prior run. I would either be upset I didn’t run the day before, or I would be obsessing over something like the distance of the run. This was extremely silly and would put my current run in a negative state (cause number two of this pitfall).

My Favorite Running Belt!

It’s funny, because I didn’t actually realize I was putting myself in a negative state of mind, but I definitely was! Once I realized this fact, I adjusted myself and was always focused on one run at a time. It revolutionized how I ran.

I’ve talked a lot about becoming a daily runner and the consistency you need to achieve that goal. That’s why focusing on one run at a time is key. Sure, you might like to reflect on your runs and perhaps you’re training for a marathon. That is great, but you don’t want to compromise your current run because of a previous one.



I constantly remind myself that once I’m out the door for my next run, it doesn’t matter what happened the day before. That goes double for a run that you have planned for the future. Don’t even think about it until right before you start that run.

Running success is something that once you have it, you sometimes forget you do. It’s when your success is jeopardized that you actually question its existence. That’s why I always work on keeping myself focused on just one run. You focus on that run and you don’t let anything else get in the way of it. I find that when I’m truly enjoying my runs and am having fun with them, I don’t even give this a second thought.

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Like I said earlier, this time of year gets busy and I know my running success is always tested. But then I remember just how fun it is for me to run. I love it and it makes me feel like me! No matter what this time of year throws at me, I’m focusing on just one run at a time for the ultimate running success! It just takes a slight shift in mindset. Once you do this, you’ll find yourself doing it in other areas of your life too.

Running success is in reach and you can make it happen by focusing on one run at a time for ultimate consistency. Stay consistent this holiday season!


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Some days you just need to run. Embrace it as your running motivation. I know I’m using it as mine.


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