Running Success Happens When You Seize Your Strength!

No matter where you are in your running journey, you can have running success by seizing your strength! Running can break you down, so we must build ourselves up. Simply going out for a run or hopping on the treadmill is a success, so seize that strength!


Diary of a Running Chick: October 23rd, 2017

It’s no secret that I love to run, and it’s also no secret to those who know me that I am a bit obsessive. When it comes to running, that is a huge strength of mine! I love the way running makes me feel and I love going out for a run every morning. It’s my favorite exercise. The fact that I’m obsessed keeps me going day after day, and no matter what type of run I have, I always have a running success. That happens when we seize our strength!

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I use my obsessiveness in order to seize my strength, but I also love taking it easy and just going with a run. Your job is to find your biggest strength and embrace it. Then learn to let it go. I am lucky to be able to run with my man a few days a week. He loves to just decide our running route on the fly. This is the opposite of how I operate, but it always brings me success. The other day we reversed the beginning of our run and then decided to extend our run. We ran six and a half miles which was great! When we set out on our run, I didn’t think we were going to go that far. It felt amazing when we were done. Letting yourself just go with it is a great way to seize your strength!

I’ve written a lot about letting go of your expectations and truly being able to embrace the moment. That is a great strength to seize! Everybody runs for different reasons, but no matter what your prime motivating factor is, one of them needs to be because you want to run. Sure, training for a marathon or a race is great, but that can burn you out. Seizing your strength through the sheer joy of running will keep you always feeling successful!


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No matter what difficulties you face with your runs, you always have a strength to fall back on! I find I can seize my strength when I’m running up hills at the end of my runs. I love that I live in an extremely hilly neighborhood, because I can always find my strength. However, running with my stroller can be super confronting. So I remind myself of how strong I am as I’m finishing off a run. The sheer act of running up those hills is seizing my strength! This allows me to have a running success every morning.

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Having running success every time you run is not only possible, but extremely important. Just getting out there and starting your day with a run is your first running success. Seize your strength! The secret is that there are a myriad of moments that can be seen as strength. There is no moment too small! I highly recommend embracing that consistency of just running. Let go of all the things that go along with your run and seize your strength of simplicity!

Let yourself be a runner! Seize your strength and let go of any blocks you have. You’ll have a myriad of running success!



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