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The Walking Dead Season 8 is back! The season 8 premiere is all about No ‘Mercy’! It took a few moments to speed up but it got there.


We love that Rick and Co are bringing the fight to Negan. They’ve decided they have to go for it and they have a plan! They’re bringing a hoard to Negan so the hoard takes out the majority of Negan’s forces and puts them on an even playing field! Love it!

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The structure of the show started a bit off but The Walking Dead’s flash forwards always start off funny. Once it hit its stride we dug it. They basically already teased us with the outcome. They showed us a deteriorated Rick Grimes, as if he truly gave the fight to Negan all he had, Michone, Carl, and Judith looking fresh and relaxed. Yes what a nice tease to see that.

The above does not say when we will see that future and that’s the key to The Walking Dead Season 8. I wasn’t sure prior to ‘Mercy’ if we would actually see that momentary happy ending. It’s def got me excited to see the in the second half of Season 8.

Frigging Gregory! Am I right guys? But we were just starting to really like Gabriel! Damn it guys he can’t last that long with Negan before he feeds him to all those walkers. He knows it too.

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The first few moments were not looking good for The Walking Dead season 8 but they quickly redeemed themselves and we dug it!


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