Running Success: Make A December Plan!

You must continue your workouts and end this year strong! To obtain running success you need that, which is why you need to make a December plan.


Diary of a Running Chick: December 4th, 2017

I’ve been stressing for you to continue with your workouts and end this year strong! To obtain running success you definitely need that. That is why you need to make a December plan. Having that plan will allow you to end the year on a high note, as well as give way to your January success.

Take a look at your calendar today! If you are like me, then December is always a busy month. To ensure my running success I always make a December plan, since I leave Los Angeles for the holidays. That means knowing exactly the days I will run, especially while traveling. I’ve faithfully been running Monday through Saturday, with a nice long walk on Sundays. I know that from now until December 19th I can keep this schedule.

Embrace the short run. We talked about this a few weeks ago (full article here) and honestly, since I began doing this I’ve rested less and felt stronger than ever! It’s actually helped me with a running goal of mine, to run faster. Having that running success has made me crave continual running success. By embracing the short run I’ll be able to keep my December plan.

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Make sure you have tiers for your running success. This is super important. I know that if the east coast has a mild December, then I’m able to run 8 out of the 10 days I’m there. That is ideal, but that doesn’t always happen. If it’s a cold December, then I may only run 3 out of 10 days. Therefore I must embrace my perfect schedule, my good schedule, and my ‘hey you were on vacation’ run success. Being able to distinguish allows me to always embrace a success.


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Make sure you adapt to change. If I want to run on the east coast, then I have to adapt to change. On the coldest morning in Los Angeles the temperature hovers around 40 degrees. I wrote about this blessing here. That is by no means warm, but it’s definitely in a whole different category than temperatures below zero, between 0-10 degrees, 10-20 degrees, and 30-40 degrees. Adapting between temperatures means changing how you approach each run. Sometimes it’s cold and you just have to power through that run and accept what it is.

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Remember to celebrate finishing the year off strong! I love finishing the year off strong, because it motivates me to start my new year off the exact same way. I normally don’t want to slow my running down. I’m excited to wake up and run each day no matter what the weather is like, as long is it’s not raining or snowing super hard.

Remember that your December plan might just be running twice a week. Stick with it! Make sure that you start and end your week the exact same way. That feels amazing and is extremely doable. You just bookend your runs. Most of the time when I do this, I run more than those two days. Even on my lightest of weeks I still run three times. That’s awesome and at times just as good for your body as running six or even seven days.

Make your plan approachable and you’re golden! You’ll be having the best running success to celebrate at the end of the year! Go you!


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