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There is only one episode left in the first half of the Walking Dead season 8. We were teased with big surprises and it’s time to speculate about what they can be! It’s our BuzzChomp television vlog!


We have three options for the big surprises! All of them can happen but we know for sure one of them will happen! It’s Death, Mercy and Redemption kids. Will someone die? I definitely think so. Will someone be spare? Yes kids. Will someone have redemption? We think so!

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I can see the show going in a different direction than the comics and by that I mean killing Dwight. Dwight tortured Daryl and Daryl has this huge grudge against him. He hates him and he can’t trust him. As we all know Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics so the person who hates Dwight more than anyone is Dwight. I’m not sure that Daryl will be able to EVER forgive Dwight even though Dwight is on their side.

They’ve spent a lot of time showing us Eugene and having Eugene tell us that he only looks out for himself. This is how the old Eugene was! The Eugene who lied and said he was a scientist but Eugene became a productive member of Alexandria. I do not believe that is still that selfish. I do think he’s going to help Father Gabriel and the Doctor. This will be his redemption.

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The whole first half of the season has led us to mercy kids. Let’s face it Rick is not going to kill Negan. He is not. He will spare him. If he kills Negan then he’s no better than Negan and in essence he’s become Negan just like the Saviors!

One of these things will happen kids! One or all of them! Season 8 has been slow but we see where they are going with it. What do you all think?



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