Running Plan Equals Planning Your Success!

Exercise over the holidays is a challenge, but making a running plan means you’ve planned out your success. Savor the season with a plan that frees you up and keeps you active!


Diary of a Running Chick: November 13th, 2017

This is my favorite time of year. I love to savor it, but I find that when I don’t keep to my exercise schedule, savoring the holidays can be hard. That’s definitely the main season why I have a running plan for the holiday season. I’ve planned my success!

The closer we get to the holidays, the more perfect it is for us to be realistic with ourselves. I absolutely love to enjoy my holidays, but I definitely enjoy it more when I know I’m still working out. I always pre-plan the days I want to run by looking at the predicted weather and my travel schedule, knowing which days will be perfect to get outside, and which I’ll need an indoor routine. Prior to the holidays, I already have my running plan in place!

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Knowing that I can run 7 out of the 10 days that I’m on vacation gives me a great opportunity for run success! It’s 50/50 whether I’ll actually run on the day that we fly in, and I may not hit every day I’ve planned. But having a mental plan keeps me on my toes. We always fly on the red eye and unless it’s a mild morning, I’m less inclined to run that first day. The same goes for when we fly back, since we always take the first flight out. Every other day is open for exercise!


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Beware of the “I’m on vacation” excuse. I always kick myself in the butt for skipping runs on my vacation, especially when it is a perfect day out! During the holiday season perfect weather days are hard to come by. I always try to run on these days no matter how I feel and even if they weren’t on my plan! It allows me to stay in bed on those single digit mornings, or when I’m feeling lazier. You won’t feel like you’ve failed at exercise over the holidays when you capitalize on great weather. Then push yourself when you feel lazy and do an indoor workout, instead of running in the cold. A running plan is meant to be flexible, but not ignored.

It’s imperative to plan when you run, especially if you travel for the holidays. I always remind myself that it keeps me sane to run on my vacation. It also lets me indulge a bit more and not feel guilty about it. Any runs that I have are a bonus on vacation!

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Start with just five days. That’s the perfect amount to plan when you run, especially since a lot of people take the whole week of Thanksgiving off and the whole week of Christmas to New Years off. This allows you to take Christmas day off, but do not take New Years day off. It feels great to workout on your first day of the new year.

I truly believe that the way you end your year is the way you’ll begin your year. Finishing off with a major run success is key! It gives you a great high to ride through and into new year! Plan when you run kids. Hold yourself to that schedule and you’ll surpass your goals. You’ll be amazed at how easily you embrace your plan and how you actually alter it to fit in more runs!


There is no run success too small and when you make a running plan, your first success is keeping to your schedule. You will feel amazing all holiday season and be one step ahead for the new year. It’s truly how I made running my consistent form of exercise!


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