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It’s all about the casualties of war! The Walking Dead Season 8 is in the thick of this war. We’re still experiencing this same day but this past episode Ezikiel took the brunt of it!


Rick and Co went in guns blazing and Ezikiel bought into this war. He said “fake it until you make it” and he was doing just that. He told the Kingdom that there would be no casualties. You can’t promise that. Carol knew there was something different about this spot and they took EVERY single one of them out except Ezikiel and his right hand man.

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The major blow to Ezikiel though is Shiva. RIP. Shiva saved Ezikiel just like Ezikiel saved Shiva. The thing about Shiva though was that she gave Ezikiel his swagger. She gave him some of his confidence. Losing her is going to be extremely hard for him. It will change who he is!

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The casualties of war can lead Rick and Co to losing hope. Ezikiel had hope. Gabriel had hope and we don’t think he will make it out of that truck alive. Next week will seal his fate but I definitely think Negan will best him!

There are more casualties of war to come on The Walking Dead Season 8!



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