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Running outside is one of my favorite things to do, so when I started on this journey I decided I needed to go with the weather. I learned to adapt on the fly and embrace each change. Ultimately I learned how to adapt my runs to the weather!


My Running Diary: April 16th, 2018

Running outside and adapting to the weather is easier than you think, no matter where you live. Granted I live in Southern California, which allows me to run in temperate weather all year round. That has allowed me to commit to running outside and focus on each individual run. I’m lucky that most of the year it is extremely nice running weather. But you can learn this technique no matter where you call home. Learning to embrace each change and adapt your runs accordingly requires only four simple things.

1. Time Your Runs – Timing your runs is essential to adapt your runs to the weather. I love running outside in the morning because it sets the tone for my day. I’ve always liked to workout in the morning since I was young and there have been periods in my life when I haven’t been able to, but I always come back to my morning workouts. I find this to be my favorite time to run too, because it’s easy to be comfy. In the winter I bundle up and in the summer I’m able to wear shorts and a t-shirt and be super comfortable.

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2. Ease Yourself In – This is a really important tip. Even if you run indoors on a treadmill and run inclines, it will still be harder to run outside than inside. That means you definitely need to ease yourself in. You don’t have to run six miles your first day out there. Give yourself a great foundation and ease yourself in to running outside. This will ultimately help you to adapt your runs to the weather.


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3. Make Sure You Have The Right Clothing – Running is great because you really don’t need much equipment to run. You need a good pair of sneakers and whatever you’re comfortable running in. That being said, if you want to run all year long then you need the proper clothing. I can’t wear the same thing in July as I do in January. I like to make sure I’m warm and I definitely need “cold weather gear” in Los Angeles, but in the beginning you just need a few mix and match pieces.

4. Dedicate Yourself To Run – I dedicated myself to my running outside. It was a goal of mine to have daily runs outdoors and I knew I could do it. It took me a bit, but I successfully did this and that’s when I truly learned how to adapt my runs to the weather. Previously I would not run at all if there was any sort of rain, but now I’m open to light rain. It’s actually kind of nice to run in the rain. The same can be said of light snow in the winter, or wind. Be open to the experience!

All of these tips are mental tips! They allow you to get into the right frame of mind. That’s really the key to adapting your runs to the weather. Once you overcome the mental side, it makes running in any condition so much easier. I also find that I enjoy my runs much more because I let go of my mental battle! Do that and adapting your runs to the weather will be easy.


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